Beach side wedding in Newquay

I had yet to shoot a wedding at the Great Western Hotel in Newquay so I took a trip there the previous weekend to have a scan of the place and get a feel for the good places to shoot from. I had met the couple a few months previously and I felt we gelled well and would make a great team for their wedding photography. I prefer to have a good chat with my couples before the event so we can go over all the details and make sure that I am the right guy for them.

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Alverton Manor Hotel Truro, What a venue!

This year I got to shoot at the awesome Alverton manor hotel in Truro, Cornwall, and I just couldn’t wait what a cool venue. I had previously worked with the groom in a hotel in Newquay and they were an awesome couple that were very chill and easy going. Having me and the couple gel is always a big point for me for a client as I want the best experience for my couples during they’re special day.

Why I Love Wedding Documentary or Reportage Photography

This a little bit more of a personal post about one of the reasons I love to take photos, in particular weddings . This photograph is of a mother of one of my clients and she passed away the year after the wedding I believe. Just to lay it out there, "heavy" I know but its a matter of life that we are all going to loose our mothers at some point and if she is there on your wedding day then know that I am going to make sure I get a few great portraits of her.