Why I Love Wedding Documentary or Reportage Photography

This a little bit more of a personal post about one of the reasons I love to take photos, in particular weddings . This photograph is of a mother of one of my clients and she passed away the year after the wedding I believe. Just to lay it out there, "heavy" I know but its a matter of life that we are all going to loose our mothers at some point and if she is there on your wedding day then know that I am going to make sure I get a few great portraits of her.

Flora Day!

Flora day 2017 Helston came and went with the usual rain even though it hadnt rained in ages before and then was immediately sunny the day after! Even though the weather wasnt optimal the local populus very much were in high spirits and I know my daughter couldn't wait to get dancing.

Spring is Here!

Spring is here, the blossom is on the trees and there's actually sun covering Cornwall... well some of the time. Its the perfect time to get out there and start getting some family portraits or portraits of your newborn or even some great kids portraits.