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Building a desk timelapse

I can't believe I didn't share this little project of mine. 

Right so you know when you get that stuff from argos or ikea or whatever and you have to build it? Well yeah we bought a desk so we can use it for editing on and for my wife to use for her uni course. Building a desk is never that simple though ay! 

So anyways long story short I decided to hook up my camera with a wide lens and stick it on a tripod and make a timelapse video. I've only done a couple of timelapses before and felt it could be good practice and a bit of fun to show after as well. So here it is me building a desk timelapse video. 

So yeah like that pretty much describes itself. There's a bit of a gap when my kids went to bed as well as my manic cat that keeps popping up all over the place, oh and a phone call from my brother though it looks like I'm calling them as I put some of it together wrong haha.