Flora Day!

Flora day 2017 came and went with the usual rain even though it hadnt rained in ages before and then was immediately sunny the day after! Even though the weather wasnt optimal the local populus very much were in high spirits and I know my daughter couldn't wait to get dancing.  

I have decided to include a gallery with this blog post this year in which if you spot yourself or a loved one and you'd like to buy a print your more than welcome to do so through my site. Downloads of full res files are also available so you can print it off at your leisure. 

I have also included a few images from the day on here but I suggest you go onto the gallery for the chance to find your child or loved one. 

It was awesome to see everyone out for flora day and helston was abuzz with the sounds of trumpets and drums throughout the day. Everyone was smiling and having a great time, and all the effort put into the shop displays and greenery was awesome as always. It surprises me every year how many people we can fit in Helston when we want to, and the amount of children we have who take part every year seems to increase as well. I never knew we had so many children in Helston to be honest but then you don't normally see everyone in the same place at once. 

Men an Tol

Growing up in Bournemouth, Dorset we never had celebrations such as this one and every year I seem to like it a little bit more and want to get involved. I may have to set up a portrait booth or something next year if I can find the funds, Or I could maybe do portrait sessions on the week leading up to Flora so children and adults alike could get their photos taken in the Flora day outfit before the big day. It's great to be part of such an age old traditions of Helstons and I shall be heading into town for many years to come with three little ones that will be attending in years to come. 

As you can see I have shared a few more images of Nansloe than the other schools as my daughter is in Nansloe Academy so I am a little bit biased with my photography. 

I tend to over share on Flora day, however I think thats a good thing if you were looking for a photo of your little one then chances are I may have one in there. Again if you want to order any prints or buy the digital copy of the files its on the button below. 

If you would like to get a photo of you or your little one in your Flora day gear or just need some new art for your walls, then you can get in touch for a portrait session easily through me I offer customisable packages to suit budgets and my aim is to get something amazing for your walls at home. 

Adam van Dorp Photography