A wedding album the day of the wedding!

I stumbled across this post on facebook the other day and I was truly impressed. The background of the story was that the photographer's wife was sisters with the bride for the wedding he was shooting if that makes sense. He basically set off with the intention to make his new brother in law and wife the happiest they could ever be on their wedding day. 

He worked along side a post-processing and printing company and got others involved in the wedding day so basically he could send off the images during the wedding so they would arrive after the reception to be given to the couple the night of their wedding which is just insane. I doubt this has ever been done before, but with the advancement in technology and the fact he shoots a fuji camera with wifi capabilities it enabled him to sort this out for this couple that were very close to him. 

Upon watching the video you will get the jist of what happened and how impressed the couple were that their awesome wedding album had been delivered to them so quickly. 

If you would like to see more of the full story then check it out on petapixel on: