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What to look for in your wedding photographer at wedding fairs in Cornwall

As it starts getting closer to your wedding day your going to want to check out some local talent in the way of wedding photographers in Cornwall. This is no mean feat and is going to take you a little patience and a bit of your time. You'll want to pick a couple of wedding fairs local to you and make sure you give yourself ample time to have a good chat to all your vendors as well as most importantly your wedding photographer.

Local events

Race for life Penzance, Cornwall 2015

Every year wherever you are in the country there is probably one of these events. Race for life Penzance was one of these events and I went on down with my wife and two kids to spur them on and watch them race the grueling 5km circuit from Penzance to Newlyn and back. My little 5 year old daughter raced alongside my wife and they both very much enjoyed something so fun for a good cause.