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What to look for in your wedding photographer at wedding fairs in Cornwall

As it starts getting closer to your wedding day your going to want to check out some local talent in the way of wedding photographers in Cornwall. This is no mean feat and is going to take you a little patience and a bit of your time. You'll want to pick a couple of wedding fairs local to you and make sure you give yourself ample time to have a good chat to all your vendors as well as most importantly your wedding photographer.

My random posts

Facebooking is it the way to go?

So I'm not a big fan of the social platform that now rules our lives that is facebook, but I do know however that I am on it daily and update it far more often than I would my website in the potential that more people would see my posts. But when it comes to my photography business it's probably far more beneficial for me to update my website blog and keep that updated instead. With my site provider it's no harder to update my blog as it is my facebook feed but I guess there's no instant feedback with my website which maybe why I find it harder to update it so frequently. 


For a little experiment I am going to post over 20 times on my facebook Business page tomorrow to see how much if any attention it gets. Then I will have to try next tuesday maybe to post a load of posts on my website in one day and see if that has any effect. I don't think I would be able to manage 20 posts in one day on my website though however but I will try and share a bunch of stuff and see if any of it gives me a boost in visits etc!  

Anyways thought I'd share that with you, I know not all my posts are of great interest so hopefully this will spice me up a bit and make me think outside of the box some more! 

To follow tomorrow's facebook adventures check out my page:

My random posts

A little bit of close up .... the snail shot!

So sometimes in my life there is moments I just cant ignore. Like when I was leaving the house a couple of days ago and I almost stepped on a snail! Now I wouldn't normally of given this a second thought but this was a stripey snail obviously in a rush to be somewhere. Well I'm sure he wasn't but hey I thought why don't I grab a couple of photos of him before I head of to the shots. I'm a photographer who always loves an opportunity to practice his craft so I grabbed the camera stuck my 85mm on it and a macro extension tube and fired off a couple of shots. This is the first result. 

My random posts

What a sunset! Sunset photography in Cornwall is the best!

 used to go out lots for sunsets when I first got my camera and now after having my business I find less time to go out there and do it. I mean I know it's still real important to get out there and enjoy my photography but I do a lot of admin in the evenings and it's always hard to tell when your going to get some great light. I was out meeting up with a florist up at Halzephron Inn the other evening and as the light was so awesome I took a little trip up to the Halzephron cliffs after so I could grab a few shots.