A black and white children's portrait of my boy Bodhi

My son is my inspiration and one of my main subjects for practice. Your children are always there for you to take pictures of and I feel you should never miss an opportunity as kids aren't kids for long wouldn't you say? 

My son is two now and it feels like yesterday that I was cradling him in my arms in hospital. 2 years goes so quick and this is one reason I like to capture him as much as possible growing up. He's started answering back and pulling the strings with his demands but at the same time he's learning to put sentences together and saying the cutest things. 

A childrens portrait of my son, black and white and with a tree.

So here I share my favourite photo that I took of him that day as he was exploring and playing with nature around Godolphin house in Cornwall. This black and white portrait I feel really captured some of the essence of youth. Having it in black and white really brings out the texture of the tree and I felt it made the image have more depth and feeling. He's staring off camera but only slightly and it gives the feeling that he's playing and hiding from someone in a game of chase. 

I'm pretty proud to of captured this and I always aim to improve my portraiture with every shot. Capturing the years of intrigue and growth has always fascinated me and that's why I love to take children's portraits. Children are free from a lot of the important and boring things in life so they have a sense of purity in their play and in the way they express their feelings and behave. 

Hopefully this post gives you a little insight into what I'm about when I'm taking children's portraits and if your living in Cornwall and interested then just let me know and either contact me or check out my Children's portraiture page here on my site.