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What a sunset! Sunset photography in Cornwall is the best!

Landscapes and sunsets in Cornwall

I used to go out lots for sunsets when I first got my camera and now after having my business I find less time to go out there and do it. I mean I know it's still real important to get out there and enjoy my photography but I do a lot of admin in the evenings and it's always hard to tell when your going to get some great light. I was out meeting up with a florist up at Halzephron Inn the other evening and as the light was so awesome I took a little trip up to the Halzephron cliffs after so I could grab a few shots. 

Sea pinks at Halzephron cliffs with the orange sunset light shining through the water

As you can see my little 20min shooting time after my meeting was totally worth it. The light was so nice and there were these sea pinks littered over the top of the cliffs so I used them for foreground interest. The light shone all the way through the water from near Porthleven and gave an amazing view so it was definitely worth me hanging around.

Like you I tend to find every minute to be occupied during my days and this moment to sit and reflect and capture this sunset was a good moment to clear my mind and enjoy a bit of nature. Sunsets happen every night obviously and we all tend to take them as granted so if you haven't in awhile I suggest to you that you go out there and grab one. They only happen once a day and they aren't always great but if you see the sky going orange then why not grab your coat get out there and check it out! Lifes short so make the most of the gorgeous beauty that can be wherever you look.

side light hits the grasses on the hill as the sun sets

So I was out there as I have interviewed a local florist and we had a couple of drinks and talked about weddings and photography and flowers and everything in between. So watch this space as I will be posting it soon. 

A path of sunlight leading to porthleven

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