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A portrait of my son

Having not posted in awhile and the fact were very much into 2016 now, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on this year so far.  

I have been slowly building up some more of my gear and Have currently a set up of a couple of fuji cameras which have been giving me a better creative eye I feel helping my spend more time on the art of my photography rather than just the camera settings and alike. I pretty much have all camera settings in my head now anyway and I feel confident when shooting. But now I can really get creative and create more works of art that I'm truly proud of. 

a portrait of my son 

a portrait of my son 

I took this portrait of my son over christmas and I just love the black and white files I'm getting from the fuji system. This was taken with their 35mm 1.4 and it's a great lens which is nice and sharp even wide open. I have added a couple more lenses to my arsenal and am very much ready for my first wedding of the year next month. 

I've had a few enquiries so far this year and they have been trickling slowly which is good to see, but of course as always if you know anyone getting married don't hesitate to get the word out there that I'm available for the south west of the UK. 

I'm thinking about adding some other avenues of content over the coming months and I was even thinking of doing some small video interviews with local cornish vendors as well as doing some videos for my site myself but I'm not quite sure on what I will base my videos on yet. I was thinking some photography tips maybe, some to do with wedding photography planning and how you can add it into your day. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I'd love to get more into the videography side of things and this is always useful when it come so storytelling with other businesses, however I don't think I want to go down the video route for weddings. A little video is always an added incentive for wedding clients though. 

I will be going through some ideas on how I want to progress in the coming month and hopefully shoot a few videos come summer. 

So if you have any ideas for me don't hesitate to comment on here and let me know. 

What would you want to see? (even if it's photography wise)