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What to look for in your wedding photographer at wedding fairs in Cornwall

What to look for in your wedding photographer at wedding fairs Cornwall. 

As it starts getting closer to your wedding day your going to want to check out some local talent in the way of wedding photographers in Cornwall. This is no mean feat and is going to take you a little patience and a bit of your time. You'll want to pick a couple of wedding fairs local to you and make sure you give yourself ample time to have a good chat to all your vendors as well as most importantly your wedding photographer.

  • First you're going to want to have a style in mind. If you're looking for a documentary style photographer then you may want to avoid the one who has a portfolio of posed images with technical lighting techniques and alike. However if that's what you're looking for then maybe that's what you should be on the lookout for. 

  • Second your going to want to get talking to these guys. This girl/guy is going to be following you around for the majority of all your intimate moments on your wedding day so you want to make sure it's someone you feel comfortable around. Sometimes this factor can be more important than all others as the last thing you need is a neurotic, nervous or even crazy person following you and your husband/wife around all day with a lens in your face when you're trying to have a moment or just being a bossy centre of attention. Think about how you'd like your photographer to be during your wedding day and keep that in mind when talking to him/her and see if they fit the profile. 

  • Third have a good look through their portfolio and if possible see a whole wedding day of images so you can get the true gist of how your wedding will look. The last thing you need is a guy who can take one great photo per wedding and the rest being mediocre.


  • Forth your want to figure out some of the ins and outs of a wedding package or collection. Have in mind whether your be wanting an album or the photos on a usb stick. whether you'll be wanting big prints and at what quality you want them, will you want them to last a lifetime or is price more of a factor, as then you will be looking for something lesser in quality or even get the prints yourself (not recommended). Also if possible you may want to ask what extras the photographer may charge etc. However most of these questions maybe better for your meeting with the photographer rather than all gone through at a wedding fair. Try to get to know them as best you can in a five minute chat and see if they fit the personality type you were thinking of, as that can be a bigger factor than most. You should be able to get the gist of what a photographer is offering in that five mins and be able to go through the most important bits to you, like if you're specifically wanting your images in digital or wanting an online gallery etc.

Finally make sure your get the details of the photographers you really like, I mean that could go for any of your vendors but you will definitely be seeing more of your photographer than anyone else during your special event. If they give you a leaflet or flyer and they are high on your list don't just shove it in the bag with all the others put it somewhere separate so you remember that they were one you really liked. 

So there you go a few bits of food for thought when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer. As long as you go prepared when it comes to the questions that you know you want to ask, then you can leave knowing you may have just chat to the one who will capture your wedding and hopefully the one that will capture it best to your needs.

Hopefully see you at a local cornish wedding fair and maybe I'll be the one you're wanting for your special day.