Mike and Jaye's stately home wedding


Big swings and lovely grounds a wedding in Gloucester 

The day started sunny and the rain from the week before had cleared. This wedding was like no other I have been to, there was violins playing and beautiful grounds with big trees and gorgeously furnished rooms with a big drive and plenty of space for great photos to be taken. The house itself was impressive and made specifically to hold events and weddings, with reception rooms and a main dining hall which they used for the food and disco. 

The groom and his groomsmen had an affinity to their VW transporter van's and these were almost as much the stars of the show than the bride was. 

Mike and Jaye are close to our family and we do catch up quite regularly so it was awesome to capture their wedding and all the little moments that were had throughout the day. The partying went on late and the guests had such a great time. At one point right said fred was played and the groom was on the dancefloor busting some moves with his two bauld friends. 

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