Cake Suppliers 

If you're like me and you like cake then you will be wanting a great wedding cake supplier for your wedding day. When you really look into it theres all sorts of options you can go through for your wedding cake or cakes as there sometimes is today. There are traditional wedding cakes, tiered wedding cakes, cupcake wedding cakes, novelty wedding cakes and that's to just name a few. 

A wedding cake can show your guests a part of your character and could probably be customised to the nth degree. You may want it to tie in with your wedding colours or your wedding theme it may be chocolate because neither of you like fruit or sponge with jam if thats the kind of thing you go for. You could even go for a number of different flavours within the same cake by having a tier of vanilla and one of chocolate or I guess whatever flavour you're after. 



West Cornwall wedding cake suppliers


Kath's Creative Cakes Truro

Been running for 4 years from Truro she could be the cake maker of choice. 

Chocolottie Cakes Truro

Creative and quirky cakes with free delivery in Cornwall.

Nicky Grant's Helston

Truly stunning cake designer and chocolatier 

Sprinkles Speciality Cakes

Helston based cake supplier



For my own wedding in Helston, Cornwall we picked a cake of two tiers one of sponge with jam and the second of chocolate, we had purple and orange flowers running down its side and had little toppers, me my wife and our two children were stood and sat on our cake. It was lovely though I don't really remember having any as we were so busy seeing everyone who had arrived for us. We had ours from Sprinkles speciality cakes based in Helston and they gave us a great service was an awesome cake that was loved by all.