Wedding vendors around Cornwall

If you are planning for your special day then you are going to need more than just your photography and here I am going to compile a list of vendors that would be useful for your wedding here in Cornwall. I will cover such things as wedding dress shops as well as venues and cake suppliers. Suit hire and stationery suppliers as well as catering services and wedding planners that can all be there for you on your wedding day. Cornwall is quite a broad area so I will try and make sure to show boldly where each of the vendors are from and what they can do for you. At the moment I may not know all the vendors by person but I will be working on it over the coming months and years so I can give you a more accurate description on their personality as well as what their business can offer for you. I am going to start in Helston and work out around Cornwall. 



Wedding venues based around Cornwall including hotels, wedding venue sites, churches and other places you could expect to hold a wedding. I will be slowly adding to this as I go to each venue a photograph them or photograph weddings at them.

Cake Suppliers

When looking for a wedding cake in Cornwall you're going to need a supplier and I am going to compile a list here of all the wedding cake suppliers. 

Make up artists

No wedding day would be complete without a proper make-makeover so you look your absolute best for your wedding day. In Cornwall we get great locations so with great locations you want to look your absolute best and that's when the make-up artist comes into play. Getting your theme and colours right with your makeup can make all the difference. 

Hair Stylist

Your hair can sometimes compliment your dress so its sometimes good to get the best hair stylist you can find so you can have hair thats right for your wedding. Cornwall hair stylist's will bring to you the shape, colour and style you want so hopefully you can find the perfect vendor for you here. 

Dress shops 

During the planning of your wedding you are definitely going to be needing to look for a dress. I am going to list some dress suppliers in and around cornwall and hopefully find the right dress for your big day. 

Suit hire

Every man needs to be looking dapper on his big day so here is a page of suit hire shops situated around Cornwall which will be perfect for you to look your best. 

Stationery suppliers

From place names to food tags stationery can really tie your whole wedding together and are an important part of your special event.


Flowers are very much needed and need to be co-ordinated with your theme so its important you get flowers from the right florist based in Cornwall that will have the flowers you're wanting for your wedding. No matter what colour your theme is the flowers can hold it all together and will be a great feature for your event.

Wedding planners

I bet your not really interested in planning all this on your own are you? Well if you are then good for you but a wedding planner can be a big investment into your big day finding you all your vendors for you and organising everything that happens on your day so you don't have to.

Sweet buffet / Candy cart

If you have family you are bound to have kids so its important to keep them entertained and what better way than a sweet, candy buffet for your cornish wedding. Fudge may even play a big factor as a typically cornish sweet. Have a look at sweet buffet suppliers here for your wedding day.


No party is complete without a DJ, so sometimes finding the right one is a big thing especially if your jam is important to you. Finding a Cornwall based DJ isn't a hard task but finding the right one can be.

Photo booth

A bit of a new trend in weddings is to have a wedding photo booth for your guests to have their pictures taken in. They usually come with props and prints and typically are rented for an hour or two. They are great fun once you've all had a few and can really spice up your wedding reception. 


A wedding without decorations just wouldn't be a wedding whether it's decorating the church or the reception venue and the tables during your meals and speeches you need to make sure the place fits the event and decorations is what will help you out there. 


The first dance can be one of great importance and if you're looking to make your first dance that extra bit special then you will need to get the choreography sorted. I'm sure some couples can come up with some really crazy ideas here and I know it would be cool to capture the bride and groom mid "hammer time". But even for traditional dances you may want to make sure you look like you know what you're doing so can be very important. 


If you're a wedding vendor and your not on this list get in contact with me and we can get that sorted for you. Contact here.