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Twigs & Greens

Floral design created by Jennifer Anne Simpson covering west Cornwall and beyond. Jennifer's style and ethos are natural, rustic and beautiful, elegant yet subtle; you won't find any diamantes here! Working in the floral industry for almost a decade, Jennifer has a wide range of experience covering weddings and events in Cornwall and the Midlands. 

When looking for a Florist around the Helston and Lizard area there isn't many that come close to the amazing natural quality of Twigs & Greens, Jennifer is a friendly, approachable and naturalistic individual who really cares about her flowers and how they work together. Using only the freshest cut flowers she can arrange them in ways that will amaze. the sample pictures I have provided are only a sample of what she's capable of so it's well worth getting in touch with her for any ideas you may have for your wedding flowers. Being Helston based she Is pretty central to west Cornwall and will make flowers and give quotes for most areas in Cornwall. Check out her website and facebook for regular updates of her amazing work. 

Blonde lady wearing a lovely floral headdress of natural flowers. 

Blonde lady wearing a lovely floral headdress of natural flowers. 

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Telephone: 07875378697



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