National trust places

Glendurgan Gardens in Cornwall on a cloudy day.

Being members of the national trust definitely has its advantages and we definitely have made use of our passes over the past few weeks. Getting into somewhere for a yearly fee rather than £6-7 a person is definitely worth doing. I don't know how people could afford it otherwise. Anyway last weekends adventure was to Glendurgan Gardens near Falmouth. A great place to get some nice arty photos of flowers as well as some quick portraits of the kids and general ones of the gardens. Was beautiful down there with all the rhododendrons and bluebells out. 

The pathway from the top of Glendurgan with red rhododendrons. 

The kids as usual had a whale of a time and enjoyed running around playing chase and looking for spiders etc. Whilst we meandered slowly through the gardens appreciating a day out with a little bit of sunshine. 

The bluebells can ring true at Glendurgan

With the maze being a great place to get the kids lost it was mine and my brother in laws time to go in with the children and did we get to the centre? Don't think we did but we did go round the whole thing twice I think. 

Glendurgans maze is an easy one to get round if you can see over the hedges. 

Glendurgans maze is an easy one to get round if you can see over the hedges. 

We also took a little trip down to water at the end of the gardens which connect onto the Fal estuary. Where my son managed to get his binoculars into the water and I had to go in and collect them. Loves the water he does and we all tried to learn some skimming skills. 

My son the fisherman with his net

the river at the end of glendurgan gardens

the river at the end of glendurgan gardens

I take every opportunity I can to take pictures of my kids and my nieces and nephews as it's great practice for my children's portraiture and especially when we go to such beautiful gardens it'd be silly not to capture our moments and practice my passion. 

The tree ferns nestle in nicely at glendurgan. 

spring is a time for the awaking of mother nature and heres a tree fern coming to life. 

The tree ferns at Glendurgan are impressive and some of them very tall. They are especially impressive at this time of year as the new leaves are slowly uncurling and spreading out, I think they almost look like an aliens tentacles or something coming out the top of this bark like structure. Loads of beautiful flowers and life is starting all around you as you go into the gardens. Well worth a visit if you're in the area. 

Looking for some portraiture or childrens portraiture in Cornwall then I may the the photographer for you! Get in touch if you want to find out more.