A West Looe intimate vintage wedding

Having been contacted from a fellow photographer about a bride who was looking for a wedding photographer I jumped at the chance. It was only to be a small wedding with about 20 people, based in West Looe with the lovely views of the bay behind us. 

Having never visited Looe before I was immediately struck with a beautiful little fishing village/town. The wedding was to be held at the Hannafore point hotel which has beautiful views over the ocean and is just around the corner from the main town. 

The entrance to the Hannafore Point Hotel

The entrance to the Hannafore Point Hotel

We had a slightly overcast sky which isn't always bad as it means that I don't have strong sunlight falling onto peoples faces making them squint into the sun. I knew that the couple were going to be arriving in a big american car and I had got to the venue nice and early to take some detail shots of the cakes and the little decorative touches the bride had set up. Going along with the vintage theme she had used pastel colours for the flowers as well as for the ties and her beautiful dress and shoes. 

vintage wedding display
a vintage flower and a disposable camera at the reception venue
american car
such a sweet car

The car was amazing as you can see and it was cool seeing them arrive in style in that beast. As I was talking to the driver he said he could do a quick swing round but I'd have to be quick as the engine gets hot fast, guessing it's not for long journeys. 

They then had the ceremony in a small conference room just on the right as you come into the Hannafore hotel. It was set out with a red carpet and the table where they would sign the register was set up in front of a huge window showing the sea and the bay. This gave me slight issues when it came to lighting so I had to use a little bounce flash to help even out the light but it did lead to some nice images none the less as it gave you the feel of actually being there. they also didn't turn on the lights in the room which did help a little when it came to the photographs as I would be trying to balance the orange of the indoor lights with the sunlight coming through. 

Her dress had amazing details in the lace and her shoes were definitely a talking point for the wedding. As you can see the lighting actually helps isolate the couple and keep the focus of the photos. The bride also had a sweet rose tattoo going along her ankle which I feel added to the feel of her outfit. A tattooed bride is always a great bride to photograph in my books as I do love the slightly alternative look and I feel most people have tattoos these days so why not flaunt them during one of the biggest days of your life. 

A naturally lit portrait
the vintage shoes with a rose tattoo along her ankle

After the ceremony everyone went to get a drink and relax a little before we got everyone out on the beach tops so we could get some portraits with the awesome view of Looe in the background. As you can see in the first photo the son had a teary moment which was really sweet of him as he was so happy for his mum on his big day.  These little moments are part of the reason I love capturing the moments of people's weddings. There is always a lot of emotion about and people come out of themselves during the day. 

the couple in front of Looe bay

After the group and couples portraits I had about 45 mins left of coverage so I took some candids of everyone enjoying some time at the Hannafore hotel with some drinks. Sometimes my favourite photos from a wedding day are the ones of everyone having a laugh and a drink after all of the important bits. Once the wedding party have relaxed a bit they let out more emotion and give me many opportunities to capture those moments that the bride and groom may have not been present for. 

A moment with mum the bride
a moment with dad
admiring the ring
a smile from the grooms daughter

In all it was a great day and I very much enjoyed this intimate vintage style wedding day in west Looe, Cornwall. I have delivered the images to the couple and they were both pleased with their images and in all everyone enjoyed another great wedding day in Cornwall.