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A walk down Lower town woods Helston

Helston, Cornwall is full of little treasure that we have slowly been finding over the past few years. We have tended to go to the places easier to access before as we always had a pushchair but as my little boy grows it's now becoming much easier to go out and take a little walk and have a great adventure for the kids. 

two girls crossing the stepping stones down lower town woods Helston

Lower town woods is a lovely little wood with a river that runs through it that is just perfect for portrait work. I think it's a spot for wedding couples around Helston to go down to and take some pictures as there is a stepping stone crossing there that is just made for photographs. 

My son watching as I rope swing at lower town woods

My son watching as I rope swing at lower town woods

I went down with my niece and nephew and my brother and sister in law and we had a good hour and half walk and a bit of picnic and a rope swing. Was great fun and the kids very much enjoyed themselves. I love exploring the area which you live and I think we are bound to go down to these woods again with the kids and I can practice some more camera skills whilst we're down there. Every little trip is always a perfect opportunity to practice honing my skills and I cherish being able to watch my children grow through my photographs. This is why children's portraiture will always be a passion for me and enables me to document the lives of little people as they grow, which they do so fast!  

As my nephew stands and looks into the river

We had a great picnic and the children very much enjoyed themselves and we managed to miss the rain which was the most important thing. A great place to walk if you live near Helston you should definitely check it out. If you wanted to get in touch about my portraiture work then check out my page below.