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A little bit of close up .... the snail shot!

So sometimes in my life there is moments I just cant ignore. Like when I was leaving the house a couple of days ago and I almost stepped on a snail! Now I wouldn't normally of given this a second thought but this was a stripey snail obviously in a rush to be somewhere. Well I'm sure he wasn't but hey I thought why don't I grab a couple of photos of him before I head of to the shots. I'm a photographer who always loves an opportunity to practice his craft so I grabbed the camera stuck my 85mm on it and a macro extension tube and fired off a couple of shots. This is the first result. 

a snail on a fence

The perfect subject wouldn't you agree? 

I moved around the snail so I had a green background and had to really steady myself to nail the focus but I feel I did him justice. I also took one more photo which I converted to black and white. I love to do a bit of macro work as it helps with my detail and ring shots at weddings. Though I find myself very much being more of a storyteller most people like the detail shots to help tell that story of the wedding day. 

a black and white photo of a snail

You can see how shallow the depth of field is but I really feel this adds to the image and the conversion to black and white really gives your striking contrast in the image. 

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