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Spring has arrived in Helston macro photography time

With spring arriving and the sun being out for the last few days, things have started to happen in my garden so what better time to take out my extension tubes and get some shots in the garden. I use these to help me create beautiful ring shots during weddings but a bit of nature is what I was after today. Looking around the garden like you know you'll see a few weeds and some planted flowers as well as some creepy crawlies so I took a few shots of both of those and here is a couple of my best from the quick look this evening. 

Dandelion macro shot close up

Dandelion macro shot close up

It was difficult with such a shallow depth of field to capture the right focus point on this dandelion but I hit exactly where I wanted which was the the little stemen all curled at the end. It's funny because you never usually look at flowers so close like this so is great to look at nature a little closer. 

A macro shot of a spider on my fence

Capturing the spider was a whole other ball game. They were quick to move and getting the focus on his eyes was much more difficult I took a few shots to nail it but felt this one was best with his buddy in the background. People don't like getting close to spiders but I feel when you're behind the lens it's not as bad and I'm glad I went for it as this is a shot I'd never normally go for but helps for practice and to capture something different. The texture of the wood behind him adds to the image and I felt black and white was the way to go as the colour version didn't give the drama as this does. 

So hopefully with the fact that spring has arrived why not have a go at getting out there and capturing some images of nature with your smartphone or your digital compact camera. It's always nice to look at nature in a different way and appreciate the small things that goes on around us all the time which we usually ignore.