My random posts

Been updating the site and have added a couple of past weddings

Since switching my website over I soon realised I hadn't added my past weddings so I have now resolved that and have added them to my weddings page. 

You can find Mike & Jayes wedding and Tanya & Mikes weddings here

Working on my website nearly daily now so lots of improvements and content will be added to create hopefully a resourceful and client friendly user experience. Blogging has never been my forte so I am working on that so I blog more often and add content more continuously than I have in past blogs. Facebook seems easy to update regularly but for some reason blogging doesn't come second nature to me. 

Watch this space though I am going to keep it regular and try to keep to at least two posts per week. Been an eventful past couple of weeks with a few enquiries and a few referrals coming my way so some of my efforts are starting to show through which is awesome. 

If you ever have improvements you think I should make let me know and I can implement them. Your judgement tends to get a little clouded when your on your site often and you can sometimes miss the fundamentals. 

My wife in covent garden

I decided to leave the end of my blog post with a recently edited image of my wife looking for keepsakes in covent garden on our honeymoon last year. 

We travelled around london for about 4 days and it's a photographer's heaven out there, plus loads of nice food and a relaxing time with the kids. I have to have an image on a blog post or it just isn't worth me having one. 

Plenty more to come let me know how you're liking my images.